Get Hype function name in function Eval error report

Hi Guys,

Is it possible for you to change the error logging from Hype to include the functions name.


catch(m){window.console.log('function: > '+b[a].name),window.console&&window.console.log(m),

As you see I added {window.console.log('function: > '+b[a].name), to the try-catch in the exported hype generated js.

This really would help in just getting to the function that has a syntax error quickly, especially if you have a lot of functions

[Log] function: > fooFunctionName
[Log] SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘,’. Expected an identifier as property name. — foo2_hype_generated_script.js:4 (foo2_hype_generated_script.js, line 5)


Thanks for the request. Note that if you export with warnings, syntax errors will show up in the warning panel. Uncaught runtime exceptions do display the function name in the console.

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