Function to control left-right scroll of a scene

Hello everybody,

I have a document in which, in the Scene menu, I set "to scroll left: Go to next scene" with transition "Push (right-left)" and vice versa (to scroll right ... previous scene ... push left -right).

On scene 1 I have an X button which, once clicked, brings up a pop-up (which is a persistent symbol) which completely covers the content of scene 1.

I would like that, when the X button is clicked, and therefore when the pop-up occupies scene 1, it was no longer possible to slide left and right, while clicking the "Y" button of the pop-up, sliding on the scene would be reactivated.

I am attaching a diagram for greater clarity:

Can this be achieved by applying two functions to the X button and the Y button?

Thanks for your attention and even more for any help!

attaching the swipeactions to an element and placing the popup ontop should work

Hello @h_classen,

thank you for the quick feedback!

What do you mean? How do i do it in practice?

sry, the normal element for swiping has to be a symbol. open a symbol and you'll see the mentioned actions. then the popup on top should stop swipeactions from working


Great idea, it works :tada: Thank you so much !