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Hello. I’m new to hype and i have a website to design, i’ve been fondling around with it and creating some fun stuff and even mix javascript with it. But now that i want to really progress with the website creation, everything i actually need, i can’t find it. I’ve been searching for a full width image carousel and a tutorial for it but i can’t find what i want. Kinda like this one (click on the orange icon “Mywebsite”), i did this myself in php and now on hype idk why i’m just super confused and lost. This is what i made so far. I’ve been even trying to add just a keyframe and i can’t find how to which feels ridiculous …
Carousel.hype.zip (263.5 KB)
I might be close but i can’t find the tutorials i feel like they’re “necessary”. Maybe i’m not looking at the right place. Thank you

Wow there sport you sure you got the right site :smiling_imp:

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Pretty sure :joy:

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Try setting the scene to scale the width ; scene inspector.

Then pin the left arrow to the left, the right arrow to the right; metrics inspector (pins & sizing)

Each image pin left & right and size the <-> width

You may need to adjust the size of those images to be deeper.

Add a pause timeline action on the end of each transition.

Wow, that’s looking so much better. Thank you.
I still have a couple more question.
To size the width of the images, I need to put in the same px as my screen width? or can i set it to always be 100%? cause i have 100% checked and it doesn’t fill the screen. EDIT: I found it, i think, i clicked the left and right arrows.
What you mean by adjusting the size to be deeper?
How do i add a pause timeline action? I’ve been struggling to find that, it’s been my number one problem… EDIT: Found a thread showing where it was!

Thank you so much for your help anyway

Is there a way to make it go by every 3 seconds or something like that, and also when i click? I was thinking jump to time but that wouldnt work would it?

Post what you have so far…

The is more than one way.

but the simplest is to use the timeline.