Full website developed in hype - issues

Although we have heard that hype was not built for developing full websites we think it is possible to build very good sites with it. We tried developing 3-4 full sites for some of our clients and were quite happy with the workflow, ease and control over the look and feel of the sites. There were many hiccups on the way but those were because we were new to many workarounds and advanced techniques of hype. These hiccups got solved right here on these forums by many talented contributors like @DBear @Daniel @h_classen @JimScott @MarkHunte and others who cared and shared and solved issues. There are two issues that we are still struggling with which I would like to get help with so that we continue developing more complex sites with more features and better animations with hype.

Here are two current issues:
1> We need to know what we can do about on site seo from within hype. Hype generates 1 HTML and all the rest of the pages are actually scenes and not real pages. How do we get google to crawl those internal pages when there is no url to submit to google? Is there a way to make the inner scenes (pages) google friendly? Like adding keywords, titles, description and of course the url that appears in search results?

Right now for us it seems that only the top html can be listed in search results and not other inner pages. I hope we are totally wrong and there are ways to get those pages indexed and ranked.

2> Since hype is so good at animations and multimedia it usually inspires developers/designers to go overboard with rich media in sites and that makes it heavy to load. There are ways like splitting the project into multi parts and not preloading etc but it still remains an issue at times. We wanted to circumvent this issue by using animated custom pre-loaders using interesting css animations. There are some good tutorials here on custom pre-loaders that use fixed width hype projects and fixed width custom images but that is not what we are going for. We need light weight but interesting css animations that play while the project loads. We tried and succeeded to a large extent but we are not fully there yet. Most of it is because of css issues and our limited coding skills (most hype users are in this category i suspect and that is why we love hype so much because it makes us all non-coders develop good sites!)

I have already discussed this second issue here and would like more people to look at the sort of problems we are facing and suggest solutions that will help not only us but the entire hype community - after all we too have learnt so much from looking at how other issues were resolved on these forums :slight_smile:

Here is the link to my post of this second issue - you can post solutions to first issue here in this post and second issue over at this post: Adding custom html/css based animated pre-loader for slow loading sites

Many thanks…

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You may want to look at the Advanced Export options



save .html file – Generates an HTML file for your document.
Include text contents for search engines – Includes the full text of your document within the page for search engines.

I think the general approach You are suggesting is off base - you’re trying to make a cat a vegetarian.

I do understand we all have our idea of what we want Hype to be.

I would rather see Hype embrace its essence. Currently video or audio integration is an elaborate exercise. (Why?)

There is an abstraction layer (JavaScript) required to make Hype do anything in this regard which removes spontaneous creativity.

Being spontaneous is one of the core aspects of using Hype IMO. Realtime video~audio MIA; apparently irreducible limitations(?).

There is no fix for the SEO unless you make them separate pages.

Thank you @MarkHunte I was actually looking for options for the individual scenes to get listed in google - because our scenes are actually equivalent of pages. Right now the seo that hype allows will only allow the top html to be indexed by google. that means my address page, my other pages will not be listed.

Is there any way to create pages from scenes? Or pseudo pages that open up individual scenes instead of opening up the home page for all search results?

You are right and I am beginning to think that there is no way to make this cat a vegetarian :slight_smile: