Freeway web app is gone

Just so everyone knows; Freeway is gone, they sent out a message last week that they were closing down. Supposedly are going to let their forum run.

I had moved on anyway.

I found Sparkle to be the best companion for Hype so far:

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Yes, I am on Sparkle too, also trying to learn the intricacies of RapidWeaver

…To all our friends, partners and customers:

The end of Softpress Systems Ltd. has come. It has become clear that our prospects, both in terms of current revenue and new product development, are insufficient to sustain the company as a viable entity going forward.

This is sad because it is a good software

Yes, RapidWeaver is a good choice :slight_smile:

A small article about RW+Hype here

I don’t know of any app that could do what FW could. Yes, they were slow in keeping up and their approach to responsive was enough that I did not submit a review (and they never quite got it right), but I’ve checked out competing apps. They are slick and modern, and they can do a fair amount of stuff, but none of them have the tools to slug it out with high-end solutions.

My hope is that someone will see the potential in Hype, be willing to invest enough to bring it up to speed, and fix a few things.

I started out with PageMill, then GoLive and DreamWeaver, but when I found Freeway, I didn’t hesitate to jump. Up to the point where responsive became a necessity, I was a major fan. I created quite a few sites for big businesses and I found the combination of Freeway and Hype to be a powerful combination.

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