Frame Animation "too heavy"

Hey guys! I’m a Brazilian illustrator currently working on a personal project called “The Wide World”, which is basically a mobile storybook with some animations and interactivity. You can read more about it here:

The idea is having a story with two different versions, according to the device’s orientation. Portrait shows a “realistic” version of the story, while Landscape contains a “fantastic” approach.

Everything is going fine so far, and Hype has been an awesome tool, BUT I’m starting to face some issues regarding memory usage, specially on the animated parts. The storybook has 40 pages (i.e. 40 scenes), being 10 of those fully animated. Those are looping frame animations, with 3-6 frames each, and each frame is a ~60K JPEG, full size. Here’s a sample of an animated page: (1.6 MB)

When I test it on the Ipad, I get lots of memory warnings from Xcode, then animations get choppy and the app sometimes crashes. I’m wondering what could be causing that. I mean, it’s a full-size animation, but I assumed it wouldn’t be that heavy as I’m using low quality pictures, and there are not many frames. Perhaps that has to do with the amount of scenes (40)? I’d like to release this app soon (I’ve been postponing it for months) but first I want to be sure people won’t have problems using it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You might want to try unchecking 'Use WebKit graphics acceleration" from the Document Inspector. This changes the memory characteristics and may work better on iOS devices.