Foreign characters blocking image loading

I can see it in reflect and I can see it in dropbox but I can not see it hosted on different hosting servers.
Neither in iOS nore in MacOS (both safari).


---- solved — thanks

The pictures must not be in the correct folder on the server.

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Hi Greg,
I process it like all the other pictures, taking it into the same timeline.
There is no difference to other pictures and all of the other work, except this picture.
I also tryed to optimize it with the “ImageOptim app” … but noch change.

I think it is your umläut.

If you save your file to be ‘Hauser.jpg’ it will likely work.

The ä character is converted to %CC%88u in web browsers, and not all servers respond correctly to that request.

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Bingo !!!

Thanks Daniel, I never would have expected that, but its good to know.
It works fine now.