Font not showing its DOT

Hello fellow Hypers,

we are having a problem with an online parameter creative. The current {price-value} ID is not showing its dot when loading the woff2 font. We can see it in the code view, but it is not showing. See screenshot 01. If we change the font to a different one it will display correctly. See Screenshot 02.


  • did we select the wrong web-font file?
  • is the SVG-path inside of the woff2, broken? Is this possible in woff2 files?

any help would be nice.

Second question:
Is there a way to set the order of polite-loading the files? So that we can prioritize the fonts before the banner is shown?

We’ve added the font and file for download in this post:Variante (2.5 MB)




We are trying to get the costumer to buy us the full Webfont version. And not feed us with a demo version.

You could use a different font for the Unicode value of the ‘period’ U+002E

… by using this technique:

Will have a look and a long read. Thank you Daniel.