Following Export Custom Javascript Not Working

Hi -
I’ve researched this quite a bit but I still cannot find a solution.

I’ve used similar custom javascript functions to execute a number of API calls in the browser in many, many past projects. I know that there needs to be a user initiated action to sound any audio in most browsers (I’m using Chrome) and I have included such an action.

However, in the attached project, the javascript function fails after the file has been exported but it works when I am previewing the project.

I’ve included both the Hype file and the exported folder/files.

Thank you in advance for any help as this issue is hanging me up on quite a bit of work that I created and am now trying to export
-Matt (85.3 KB) (170.8 KB)

I now understand that this is a CORs issue.

When I upload the Hype exported folder to my server everything works fine.

I’m having trouble disabling this in Chrome when I want to load the files just from my computer.


May work for you

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Also good:

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Thanks you guys so much!

Here is what I’ve been working on: “Interactive Music Theory” lessons that use Hype with the Noteflight API. I’ll share out with the whole group when it is a bit more complete. I’m super indebted to @MarkHunte for all of his help!

I welcome any feedback…


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