Follow a music score with a curser that is also sync with audio in the background

(faruk) #1

Hi everyone,
I would like to create prototype that can follow a pdf music score with in sync with audio.

The user should be able:
1- Alter the speed of the music
2- Loop a selection

Could I do that with Hype?
If we could is anyone interested in this to collaborate?


See an example below as video.


Yeah … let’s just get Hype to pull a rabbit out of a hat while we’re at it!

I’m joking of course but I’m not sure this would be a feasible “Feature Request” for the guys at hype to build into a future release :slight_smile:

However … I think using javascript would be possible to

• alter the speed of the music and
• to loop sections

Syncing this with animation over a PDF file would be the problem I foresee. I mean you could probably create an animation that syncs with the PDF file or an image

but getting this to sync with music when the speed of the music has been changed and so on would be a problem,