flipCard effect using a symbol

(strmiska) #1

i´m always running into troubles, when i want to create a flipCard effect.
i create a symbol, 2 images inside - on flip the image below should be on top,
turning back it should move back, in order to get some kind of memory-effect with different card background.
the problem, if i turn a symbol - only the top-image is shown mirrored.
till now, i made the top-image on 90 degrees invisible. is there a better solution?
flipCard.hype.zip (54.6 KB)

(Mark Hunte) #2

I would put the flip timeline in the symbols timelines and use the symbols Mouse Click action rather than the one in the normal scene.
Also add a opacity change for the top card in the flip timeline.

Ideally you would also have the click element as a separate rectangle hidden on top of the cards.
When it is clicked it moves off scene. And the reverse timeline will bring it back. This way the user will not break the rotation by multiple clicks

flipCard2.hype.zip (109.6 KB)

(Nick ) #3

I Did one for a a friends sports card business in Hype 2.5
Simple scene transition could be made into a timeline to symbol.

NAUGHTON_FLIPS.hype.zip (292.9 KB)

(strmiska) #4

hey, great jobs. thank you!! @nick i like the idea of recording the backgroundChange.
and @MarkHunte your click element - this is important for playing the game.
thanks again!

(stephen) #5

Just in case it helps, we recently added a card flip example to our gallery. http://tumult.com/hype/gallery/ProfileBadge/ProfileBadge.hype.zip