Feature requests: adding audio

Trying to make the switch from Edge, biggest problem is missing the front end ease of adding audio with Edge. I am hoping Hype adds the ease of Edge’s audio soon, since they basically have all the functions in their properties drop down: rotation, opacity just add audio. Please.

Please see http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#audio60 for help working with Audio – let me know what parts of that workflow can be improved.

@lowbalance @Daniel

My perspective is one of creating presentations that have a myriad of elements: videos, images, graphics, multiple soundtracks, etc. that all flow~interact together over a time span of at least several minutes or more. The project I’m working on now has over two thousand unique elements, of the types mentioned above, over the course of 50+ scenes. A few extra seconds (minutes!) here and there on frequent tasks really add up.

My requests:

  1. Audio can play while working in the Hype visual editing environment.
  2. Giving the audio a visible layer presence on the Timeline, ideally with the waveform showing.
  3. Default behavior: The audio starts/stops at the in/out points, which can also be adjusted on the Timeline.
  4. Audio track layers can be hidden visually in the Timeline - but the sound(s) still play. This feature would help reduce the Timeline’s visual clutter.

These features are found in motion graphics editors, such as Apple’s Motion. The visual editing of audio affords efficient animating as it is easy to cue other elements based on the soundtrack(s) location in the Timeline - especially when the waveform is visible.

Thank You.