Feature Request: Zoom in/out using pinch in/out

I love your program and I was thinking of a very nice feature that could make working in hype a little more efficient in relation to zoom and is to have a flexible zoom that can be modified with pinching in and out in the trackpad of my Macbook or a digital tablet as I constantly work when i’m illustrating in my iMac. The perfect example of a program with this feature is Affinity Designer so you can understand better what i’m talking about. I think this feature could be amazing as I constantly change zoom while working in hype and think is not so efficient to do so as it is now. Thanks for doing a so amazing program.


Thanks for the request!


I second this request! I’m constantly pinching my trackpad expecting to zoom as in other programs.

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Hype is awesome…a life saver. But this is a source of continuous annoyance for me. Pinch-to-zoom has become a hygiene factor. A zoom menu with presets is going to rub anyone with a trackpad the wrong way nowadays. (I’m one of them.)


May I add a thousand votes? And also add the “Alt scroll” alternative.
Thank you.

+1 one from me too…

I would LOVE this, too!

Yes, this would be a great enhancement.

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No matter how much I use Hype, I still find myself trying to pinch in/out - what’s wrong with me?

Me too, +1

Me too! Alt-scroll. Please! :pray: