Feature request - master page elements

Hey guys,
Loving using hype. I’ve been getting more advanced and recently I’ve been creating a digital book clickable prototype. When creating this I stumbled across an unusual issue that I think would be a great feature - Master page elements.

If you have ever used InDesign, you’ll know that you can add elements to master pages, i.e. Master Page A has some pagination or page markers to flick through the pages, and these then appear on all pages within your document that are assigned with the Master Page A layout.

It would be a great feature to add master page elements, like user interface buttons or interactions that appear at a global level. My current scenario is that I’m developing a prototype that uses transitions from scene to scene - and the UI buttons move with that transition.

If there was a way to mark them as Static, the transitions could remain while the buttons remain static. There are loads of other applications for this such as controlling global sound, global page navigation or pop up areas such as help or info. If you can create multiple Master Pages, then you can even have multiple levels of Global UI (i.e. homescreen/dashboard type buttons and general ‘in use’ buttons’)

Anyways, just a thought. I fudging LOVE Hype. Keep doing what you are doing, cant wait for the next update from you guys!

Take care - much love

Currently you can use Persistent symbols for this, but there are some shortcomings: if you have a button that you always wish to be centered at the top of your page, it won’t really work as expected if you use different-sized scenes or responsive layouts. The position is absolute across scenes & layouts (so you would need to make a keyframe in scenes that deviate from your standard size that adjust the persistent symbol’s position).

Persistant symbols stay put during transitions – you can drop audio in these as well :slight_smile: