Feature Request | Landing Page on Launch

Instead of having Hype open up a new document on launch, I would like to have a “start screen” or “landing page” open on launch that lists recent projects, allows you to open a document, or start a new document and input scene dimensions. Every time I open Hype I usually close that launch document and just open the documents I have been working on anyway.

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Thanks for your request! So sort of a set of thumbnails showing your most recent documents?

Hype should open with the most recently-opened document(s) unless you closed it. I believe this may be reset during app updates.

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Exactly! Something similar to the start screens for Adobe’s programs (e.g., Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.):

Hype doesn’t seem to open the most recently-opened documents when I launch it, even when I leave documents open when I quit. I always get a new document when I launch it. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I wouldn’t say mimicking the Adobe apps is the best answer - Adobe has plenty of problems of their own and they’re not always the most intuitive programs - but taking inspiration from elements of their apps isn’t necessarily a bad idea as they are the industry standard.

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Love this idea! Whether you’re an Adobe fan or foe, this is a great idea. Could take it one step further and add a block area in that splash screen with regularly selected document types, and a pull-down for the other preprogrammed formats.

I have the same issue. Mostly I need to close the empty document. So one more upvote.


Heh, that is annoying… but so are those start screens.
How about, nothing at launch? :smile:

Best solution is a preference toggle for the splash screen with recent documents and templates. So everyone should be happy :wink:

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: When I launch Hype it opens what I was working on last. I don’t close windows just Hype. It also remembers the Hype documents I put into the dock.

Only “problem” I have when I close Hype with open docs is that I get some sort of ghosting when I re-open Hype of the docked docs.


This seems to be IMHO the best solution along with a template/recent resource type window.

One thing about modem Apps that is a little annoying is no control over this in switching it off…

For me it is a feature I don’t use in most cases as I normally am already in Hype when I want a new Doc.

And find it a little annoying when it pops up when I do not need it… when launching Hype to open a Recent Doc.

But when I hit command+ N, I template window would be handy, one that allows for a custom template area would be even better. ( I am sure that bit would be easy using the a Template framework already in Hype)

Thanks for the feedback all - launch screens have pros and cons so probably providing options (and at least improving current blank document behavior) is something we’d like to do.