Feature request: a bigger window to edit the code, with collapsible folds, please

A screenshot is enough: scrolling/finding among hundreds lines…
Why not a console in a separate window for Inner HTML?

bm-capture- 2021-02-05 à 12.09.27


Thanks for the request!


You can scroll and resize that window.

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It is really not obvious in the UI that we can increase the window. There should be a grab icon in the lower right corner.

But how do you collapse folds? That you can't do.

you can stop here, cause it's long standing request ... means it's on the list ...

Count me in. Please keep it as is for quick little edits but add a button at the bottom to open it in a full Hype head HTML like editor window.


My answer was legit and I don't see why I don't have the right to add ideas on this feature request and on this topic.
On the other hand, when I searched for “Inner HTML window/size", I found nothing in the search results, this is why…

For Inner HTML, a split window Scene/Code would be nice so we see in realtime the effect of an edit, so we don't have to switch between tabs and hide the Scene.


Yes, that is actually something Tumult Whisk offers. That would be truly neat. So basically, click and pen appears allowing for quick edits but the quick edit mode can be expanded into a split view to further edit. One thing on the usability and expectation management side about the whole thing is that internally all that HTML is "only" a string packaged into generated script and only unpacked after Hype documents are rendered in the browser. That is no big issue for usage but needs to come with the realization for new users that this isn't HTML that is directly rendered into the page but rather from the Runtime later on. So, reaching a DIV in such a container can't be done from Head HTML (outside code) until it has been rendered. This is something to consider as a full editor invites for more complex HTML ideas and the current pen tool actually doesn't really invite to such endeavors.

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OK but the Split would be nice for comestic edits such as styling.

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Also somewhere on the element inspector to indicate it has code blocks inside. (As opposed to plain text.

Maybe shown as symbols


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Totally agree and I personally totally support the idea. My previous remark was more of an side note. There is always the short route that is already implemented in Hype and was introduced with 4.0 if I remember correctly. The usage of external editors for Hype functions and Head HTML. One could just expand on it and add the same dropdown to the current inner HTML editor (at the bottom) to continue editing in an editor of choice. Probably the fastest to implement for Tumult but at the cost of an nice continues live preview. Although a live preview on each save should be possible if the apps are open side by side.

Very much agree with these suggestion. And while we're talking about making code-editing easier, here are my 2 top requests:

  1. In the Resource Library, double-click on the Function symbol to Open that function's code
  2. Be able to click and drag the Function tab names at top to move them into around as I like

Thanks as always, @jonathan, for listening to your users!


Got them - thanks!