Feasibility of a landing page with progressive animations and anchor points

I would like to know if in Hype there is the possibility to create a landing page, which:

  • is usable via mouse wheel, which allows you to view animated content in sequence
  • provide anchor points, accessible via a synthetic side menu

I enclose the demonstrative example that I would like to reproduce in Hype:

Thanks for your attention and help

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Yes! There are two resources that I have seen that would help you do that. One is a template from Hype Docks - https://www.hypedocks.com/apple-classic/

Another resource to look at is this post: Parallax image background based on screen position - Feature Requests - Tumult Forums some discussion about this particular need

Hope this help!


Thank you very much @AlexSteele :smiley:

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Here's the documentation link for the built-in bit used in that example: Viewport Actions.

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Work in progress of the landing page!

I am attaching a demo of the project to clarify what I am doing:

test.hype.zip (24.5 KB)

The contents that appear gradually include extra contents (popups, videos etc ...) accessible via buttons (N.B. in the Test file only the POPUP button is active, for now.)

I was wondering if you can make those popups:

1 - are "docked" in the center of the screen (or browser view, doing the browser resizing)

2 - upon activation, block or prevent scrolling of the landing page

Thanks for any suggestion!

a very easy approach is to open a so named popup as a extra scene that is responsive.

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