Exporting Single Scenes to iBooks

I have multiple scenes in the same Hype document but when I export to iBooks widget, I want to export only a single scene. When I click on export on that particular scene and later open the widget, it first shows that scene but then immediately jumps back to scene 1. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

could you share a Hype doc? Difficult to know what’s causing it from what you said and the steps to produce. There is an advanced export option for exporting specific scenes but from what you’ve said it seems you have more than one scene if it starts on one and then goes back to another.

You likely have some sort of action, either a scene or timeline action, that is doing the scene jump.

To answer the more generic question of exporting a single scene as an iBooks Author widget: this is not a current feature. While Hype does allow exporting individual scenes via the ‘File > Advanced Export…’ menu, this won’t make iBA widgets. The easiest workaround is to duplicate your document, delete unneeded scenes, and then export from that.

Got it. I ended up moving the scene I wanted to export to the top before I export and that solved the problem. Thanks.

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