Exporting JSON for use with greensock?

I’ve been looking for a replacement for After Effects for SVG animations and so far Hype ticks all the boxes. I can’t justify the price of AE and Illustrator.

I downloaded the trial, but I have a problem. I use After Effects to created animate icons, logos etc. I then use bodymovin to export the JSON to use with Greensock.

I’m a front end developer and code all of my own stuff. All I’m looking to do is export animated assets to be used with something like greensock. In AE this is done by exporting a JSON file. Can’t find anything similar in Hype.

Is this possible at all? Seems like there’s no tools that can do this except for AE with the bodymovin plugin.

There’s not currently a way to do this currently. Hype uses its own javascript animation engine that corresponds to features of the editor. I think bodymovin export is a good feature request, yet it is likely there’d always be stuff lost in the translation!