Exporting HYPE project with Videos for Ipad


In the past I used iBooks widget exporter to iBooks Author app to view my Hype Presentation in my Ipad. Now I have updated few things but also change the video that I used to have in the presentation. Now I have an error showing in iBooks Author saying “The HTML5 widget wasnt added because it contains a media file that isn’t in a supported format”

Well, this is very strange because after having this error, I used the old video that I used in my old widget and now it is telling the same. not sure what to do and I must have those videos in my presentation.

I will really appreciate if someone help me or tell me another way to have Hype presentation with videos into the Ipad.



Videos don’t have to be in Hype. They can be imported directly into iBooks Author.

Is the video mp4? That’s the video format I use for web, which is similar to ePub.

Can you try encoding it as an .mp4 with Miro Video Encoder? https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/33832/miro-video-converter

Here’s is apple’s support guide:

Thank you

I am having the same problem and I have downloaded the video converter and I am still having this problem. Any fixes?

A common cause of the problem is that if your file names have spaces (and possibly other non-alphanumeric characters) in them, iBooks Author for some reason will present this error even the format is fine.