Exporting Banner without the number at the end of js reference


Just as in the title I would like to export without the number at the end e.g:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="lr_approved_used_300_250.hyperesources/lrapprovedused300250_hype_generated_script.js?75465"></script>

Is there anyway to stop tumult from exporting it that way and to be just :

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="lr_approved_used_300_250.hyperesources/lrapprovedused300250_hype_generated_script.js"></script>

Thanks for your help,


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There’s no way to do this right now, but that would be a great addition… Also, could anyone explain why those numbers are there?



Ah, good to know! Thanks!

Hi Mark, thank you for you reply. I saw this thread already but it didnt answer my question whether I can just not have it. It seems rather strange that there is no options for this.



Yes, sorry I was replying to @Carlosnewblue.

Is there a particular reason you do not want the number. The only time I rememebr it being a problem was once with a wordpress page (cannot remember the details)

Also the may be a way to do it with the new export scripts but you would need to research that…

When I export for Google Adwords the Javascript is named without the numbers and therefore its an invalid reference and I have to remove so it’s right. It Would save me a very good amount of time since I do a lot of banners. Unless there is a better way of exporting for this that I don’t know about.



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You could create a Automator Service that removes it from the selected html file.

I just created this one which works on my tests. You will need to test it yourself ( use at your own risk in the sense it does not remove the text or removes to much text) But as I say works fine here.

Place the Service Workflow in your Users /Library/Services/ folder.

In the Finder , crtl + click you html file . The Service will show up in the contextual menu under Services.
Select it and it will remove the numbers.

Hype_Remove_jsNumber.workflow.zip (97.8 KB)

You can also open the Service Workflow in Automator.app to edit or view it.


I have the same problem as @PV123 and that looks like a great solution!

Thanks, dude!

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Will give this a go, thanks a bunch.

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Note that the new Export Scripts we provide for DoubleClick/Sizmek will remove the cache buster numbers at the end.


How recently updated? Because I exported using the Doubleclick script and still ended up with them. Perhaps instead of only having the query string or nothing at all, have an option to simply append the number as part of the filename?

Hype v3.6 released March 5. Actually both DoubleClick export scripts will inline the data javascript on export, so this isn’t even applicable since they don’t call the script the same way. Are you sure you were exporting with those (via their File > Export as HTML5 > DoubleClick [DCM/Studio]… menu items)?

Hmm, actually, no I wasn’t. I’ve been using the same workflow as before Export Scripts were added. Going to Advanced Export and choosing the DoublClick script. Would that be producing a different result?

I should also add that I need to use Advanced Export because I need each layout for each scene to end up as its own ZIP.

Ah, in reviewing this I don’t think advanced export is doing the right thing in this case. This is a bug. I’ll try to get a fix for the next release. Sorry for the trouble!

You can get the script behavior by checking “Inline data file+loader” for your slices.


Cool, good to know. In the mean time I use regex in my text editor to find and replace digits at the end of the filename across multiple folders. I just can’t expect the non-technical animators to go through steps like that.

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