Export with font pixelized

Strange topic, but what i mean, can i make a banner with my company fonts and when i export them for DoubleClick, the font will convert to pixels…so that the design stays as i made it…

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( Last week i had a course for making banners in Google Webdesginer (terrible)…i stepped back to Hype…

Hype doesn’t convert fonts to pixel or raster images, though you do have the option of importing images including svgs as well as transparent pngs.

There is a request made for Hype to break apart from text to vectors much like in illustrator or adobe animate.

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Yes, this is a good feature request!

For now you’ll need to use photoshop or the bitmap editor of your choice to bring in text as an image if that is necessary.

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Using Google fonts or Adobe fonts Will do?

I used an arial but saw a preview from another device and saw many differents

Use Open Sans or something via google fonts or just search online for Arial Google Font Alternative