Export to dropbox ends in blank page

Hey guys,

I really have a weird problem…

Do you have any idea, why a direct export to a dropbox-folder would not work on Windows…?
I’ve tried every browser and couldn’t fix it:

If I export directly to dropbox, there’s no issue on Mac, but when I try to open the html-file on my Windows-Dropbox, it only shows a blank page (file:///C:/Users/…)

The weird thing is, that if I copy the link (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/…) and paste it in Firefox in Windows, it works…

Also, if I export it manually via Advanced Export, all works perfectly.


That’s odd – can you share your file?

I now made a reset of all my settings, inlcuding the dropbox-connection – and it now works cross-platform… ?
The only thing i can share is the dropbox-link of the html-file that has been only working on my Macs…