Export as Movie for only a single scene?

I need to export several scenes as movies, and I need to do it frequently to pass QA checks as the project progresses. The project is distributed both as html/js and as a movie.

Currently I use a workaround of inserting at timeline action that immediately jumps to the desired scene and remove any scene jumping timeline actions from that scene, and this works fine on a technical level. However it’s lead to issues when there’s complex timeline actions already in place, and when I’m not properly caffeinated :slight_smile:

Is there another way to export a movie from a specific scene, potentially ignoring scene jumps already in place?

Thank you!

There’s not a specific method to start a video export from a specific scene (but this is a good feature request).

Rather than the timeline action method, the easier route might be to drag the scene to the top of the scene list so it simply comes first.

Would be great if there was an eye icon for scenes which would control the visibility within the hierarchy of scenes those that have the visibility on would get all available exports in sequence.

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Definitely; added a +1 for this.

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