Export as CSS Animation?


Hey there,

i wondered if its possible to code an option that allows user to export some content as an CSS Animation?

For example: I animate an object in hype and call it “.trigger”. Now if i export my object as CSS i could add it to my Homepage project and could add my “.trigger” class to other objects so they animate in the exact same matter.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the request! There’s a pretty big gap in the functionality of CSS Animations vs Hype ones (Hype can do far, far more with motion paths, custom timing functions, physics, etc.), but I think for simple animations it’d be great if there was a way to get CSS Animation syntax of of Hype.

(Jonathan Luna) #3

Hey @jonathan by any chance are you familiar with Motion UI. Its a css library that might work very well with hype and if considered might very well lead toward a solution for everyones hugger for a move intimate connection between hype and CSS.


Hi Jonathan,

i understand that CSS is way more limited than JS animations. But like you said. For simpler animations it would be a great addition :smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

It looks like a nice way to do animations, but as it appears to just use CSS it’d be as easy for us to output that so users don’t have to learn yet another library/tool.