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Sorry for disturbing you but the below topic’s error still hasn’t been solved…

Let me have your help.

  • Error Situation
    When I create iBooks Author widget with Hype3 and use it to publish ePub by iBooks Author, the following error came out with ePub checker and I can’t publish the ePub for iBooks.

$ java -Duser.language=en -Duser.country=US -jar epubcheck.jar /Users/Nanaho/Desktop/testfile.epub

Validating using EPUB version 3.0.1 rules.

ERROR(RSC-005): /Users/Nanaho/Desktop/testfile.epub/OPS/ibooks.opf(2,1803): Error while parsing file ‘attribute “ibooks:real-media-type” not allowed here; expected attribute “fallback”, “media-overlay” or “properties”’.

ERROR(OPF-043): /Users/Nanaho/Desktop/testfile.epub/OPS/ibooks.opf(2,1803): Spine item with non-standard media-type ‘application/x-ibooks-html’ has no fallback.

WARNING(OPF-003): /Users/Nanaho/Desktop/testfile.epub/testfile.epub(-1,-1): Item ‘iTunesArtwork’ exists in the EPUB, but is not declared in the OPF manifest.

Check finished with errors

epubcheck completed

The error came out even if I use hype3 widget with just empty element.
Also the error isn’t appeared without hype3 widget.
From the above situations, I guess this is Hype3’s bug or something Hype3 problem…

The hype3 and iBook Author are the newest version.

I hope to have your helps again…

Thank you,

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