Embedding Word Press Contact Form as Short code

I’ve got a short code that Wordpress generates for a Contact Form 7 form - and I would like to try this kind of nested structure:

  1. wordpress site √ - easy as pie
  2. blank page, using H5p - embedding the Hype File is loading up √ this is working perfectly
  3. contact form page - when filled out and sent, the contact form 7 and flamingo allow entries into the database and i have a seamless record of all interaction √ this is working perfectly
  4. looking to find a way to link / include the contact form - embedded / html widget into the hype file - this isn’t perfect yet *** not certain of the best way

What I want: to embed the form, without the tell tale outer scrolling mechanism that is typical of iframes in the HTML widget. I want it to be really beautiful.

I revised this process quite a bit, and am now looking at making an improvement. Breaking the cardinal rule of designing form mobile first, i wanted to produce something for the biggest screen first. I am playing with liquid aspects of Hype, and its working out. I changed the approach, and was able to get #4 working out well. not using hp5 at the moment.

I still need to make this responsive. Its not quite there yet. Here’s a link to the site I am building, its meant to be a hand crafted work / project display website.


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