Embedding Animation into a Coldfusion Template

Have been using Hype for years now for all sorts of applications but have recently been asked to upgrade a few sections of a Coldfusion based website with a homepage with a basic login(www.wendyjonesblackett.co.uk). There is a Flash file running an animation on the home page which works really well and downloads quickly clocking in at about 250K. I want to upgrade this animation with new products and could go through and recreate with Flash but would prefer to upgrade to something that all browsers will allow and hopefully reduce the file size.
I have created the animation in Hype and tried exporting as an animated GIF but the file is HUGE!!
Have also tried using an iframe in the webpage as have done this before in other instances but no joy there either :frowning:
Finally I tried pointing the container on the page to the html for the animation but this doesn’t work either, not that I was surprised!!
Anybody have any thoughts on how to go about it?

Many thanks