Embedding 3d models into Hype

I wanted to say thank you to the person who posted the tip on how to embed interactive 3d models into hype. The post with that example was provided by Profile - kerguelen - Tumult Forums. I was able to take that example file and bring new life into a project that wanted more excitement and 3d is the space where the excitement happens. This is a rough draft right now of a concept, I am really just exploring potentials with this. Later versions will be data driven, but this is a starting point. Here is the current version.



Interesting, I too am a bit of nut when it comes to using 3D in Hype :grin: (if you didn’t know it by now) I wish one day Hype 5 or 6 @jonathan ? provided a solution to load 3D files without using anything other than hype or maybe making it easier to animate using it in the ui timeline? But then again, Ive heard from people they’d rather have hype “as is” being not “bloated” or they’d rather have the app working vs not working?

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Great work Alex, impressive what you can do with this external library.

@petester I think this is a bit off topic and weird, we know your thoughts about this. We’re in the ‘share your work’ category here.

This could definitely be part of the plugin discussion though – adding in 3D model support would be rad.


Yep I can see how it could be treated weird and off-topic, def agree. I was just making a general statement about 3D and what it can be if 3D was part of Hype one day seeing what @AlexSteele did even though its not how it was used. Just the 3d interactivity changes the dynamic a bit. Surely thats something you can consider as part of the topic no? Anyways, just a thought.