Embed Spritely javascript in Hype3

Hi, I would like to create beautiful image sequences inside a Magazine project in Hype3. I know how to animate in the timeline, but is not so “quickly”… I discovered spritely, and I made my firs Sprite Sheet in Photoshop (is something new for me…). The question is… how can I embed spritely (a javascript) in Hype? I would like to use this “animation” scrolling or with a swipe gestures (as like I can do with a “Normal” animation in the Timeline). Thank you in advance… Luca

Since Hype supports HTML and JavaScript, once you have a working Spritely animation, you can place it within the inner HTML of a DIV, and target it using an ‘On Scene Load’ action.

To capture a ‘swipe’ gesture, it will be at the scene level, but you can start any JavaScript you’d like in response to that gesture.

You may want to check out some of the other threads on Sprite animation and Image sequences: http://forums.tumult.com/search?q=sprite%20animation