Embed Scenes in jquery Content Slider

(Nyeusi) #1

Hello I wanted to know if it was possible to use a jquery powered content slider (or carousel) and use hype document/scene as each of the slides.

So imagine a carousel with 5 slides. The user advances through the slides using foward and back buttons and each slide in the carousel contains an individual hype document / scene.

I’m assuming that the jquery slider that I use will allow for HTML content.

If this is possible, is it also possible to trigger the start of the animation in the next scene when advancing forward.

(Mark Hunte) #2


I assume you want to do it this way as you already have a site that uses the jQuery slider.
What jQuery slider are you referring to?

By the way, you can instead use one hype document and either slide the images into view on a single scene or use persistent symbols for the buttons and 5 scenes, 1 for each image. You do not need a jQuery slider to get the job done

(Nyeusi) #3

Basically I want to mimic the functionality that appears in this slider: http://galleria.io/themes/fullscreen/

I like that it is:

  1. responsive
  2. has a thumbnail navigation section that can be toggled

The only modification i would need is to replace the images with hype scenes. If this functionality can be duplicated with Hype I am interested in learning how.