Editing Text once for multiple layouts


With the introduction of Hype 3 & Professional we are very excited about generating content with Hype!

One thing that is really giving us a Headache is that we generate Text for a Scene and then generate the layouts for the different platforms we really have to modify the generated text 3, 4 or 5 times depending on the amount of layouts.

Is there a way to edit the content of a textbook that is then automatically applied to all layouts?

PS: We tried using symbols, however we just can’t figure out how to allow for the different sizes of the textboox that we need for the different layouts.

(stephen) #2

Unfortunately there isn’t a great way to do this yet, but it is definitely something we hope to improve in a future version. Thanks for the feedback!


You could save the text as JavaScript variable, so the data is only stored once. It’s a goofy way to work, but it works.

It seems like Hype should have a way to create tables/arrays and variables/attributes, so that data could be viewed in an easier fashion, while making it easier to write JavaScript code. Exposing the Matter.js related data would also be good for working with the physics settings.


I revisited this issue today. I was wondering why a Persistent Symbol wouldn’t work. The Flexible Layout “Pin and Sizing” settings don’t seem to be working. It’s essentially two (or more) layers of settings. One is the symbol itself and the other is the symbol container on the scene. I tried setting setting both to stretch. It doesn’t work.

(Freelancer) #5

You can try with media query over the text size for each breakpoint. However the box size ( aspect ratio) is still fixed on each layout