Edit HTML head for each scene

Hi I’m currently creating different ad sizes within Hype as different scenes.

I need to include ad.size meta data for each banner size in the html head. Other than editing the .html after I’ve exported is there a way to edit the html head for each scene within Hype so I don’t have to do this?


Unfortunately you would have to edit the Head after export if you want it to be included in the HTML Head before you send it anywhere.

You can use Javascript and dynamically add the meta tag on scene load for each scene. Don’t know if this would be an option for you. This wouldn’t be reflected in any export but when the document is run it would add the meta tag at runtime.

hi there. I have the same problems. I’m only doing google adwords (display) ads with hype. nice app, so much better than google web designer.

anyway, it took me quite a while to having a good export file. now, it works quite good but have to edit the ad.size meta data for each banner size in the html head as well. so, 4-5 exports for one banner and then make a zip file for each. I want to do everything in hype, not afterwards changing files.

  • is there another option - like the dynamically added meta tag for each scene? how would that work? I’m new to this program, so still quite hard for me…

  • a dream would be a export specially for google adwords. I’m not sure about the sizmek export - if that would work. are there any other files around just for google adwords?

thanks so much for your help!

and… just found out that the ad was okay for google, but still it doesn’t go through the website, if you click on it, it just doesn’t do anything. maybe some help here too please?? :slight_smile:

Could you point us to a document? Could be many reasons why it’s not working!

Also, maybe someone will create an “Advanced Export Script” for Google adword exports. :slight_smile:

The method that can add items to the head on a per-export basis is the Export Scripts system, which are plugins to Hype. (There’s no built-in way to add this meta info). It looks like you noticed the Sizmek one; this does also add the meta tag. There’s not presently an AdWords Export Script, but as @DBear says maybe someone will create it :slight_smile:.

300x250.zip (91.1 KB)
Allmedia.hype.zip (154.6 KB)

I uploaded the document and the zip file (which I created after the export). Exporting, I choose the scene (each size changed manually in the head file) choose “save html” plus “loader” - nothing else. I don’t know the exact wording there as it’s german :wink:

After that, I checked it with the HTML5 Validator, where it finds the target website. Uploaded it to Google, seems fine but then you can’t click on it.

If nothing helps, I’m going to put the web address large on the banner and do it like that - as you can’t click on it, I don’t have to pay it in Google ;-))) But yeah, not really what I’m looking for LOL

Thanks a lot for your help. And - it’s my first hyper document, so I’m interested in other good tips. THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:

In general I’d say “you have everything setup correctly!” The ad did work on the desktop for me, but I was able to reproduce it not working on iOS.

Here’s what I think is happening:

  • Google AdWords ads a click handler that defines the exit setup in their interface, regardless of your clickTag code
  • On iOS, instead of the typical mouse actions, the Tumult Hype document uses touch events which get triggered before the AdWords click handler
  • The touch event then is hooked up to your clickTag code, which tries to open up the URL associated with that
  • The iframe google puts the ad in has a sandbox restriction to not open new windows, and this causes an exception to be thrown
  • The exception stops the AdWords click handler that would call the exit (along with the clickTag one).

The workaround that resolved the issue for me was to uncheck Use touch events in the document inspector.

Alternatively you may be able to not have any click targets in the ad and AdWords will make one themselves, though this would mean your ad wouldn’t have an exit on other systems.

Let me know if that does the trick for you.

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hey jonathan
thank you so much for your informations. just need some sleep now, almost midnight, I’ll check it tomorrow morning. hope I can find the document inspector - would that be the checkbox (see pic)? anyway, will check tomorrow morning! have a good evening and thanks again!!!

Yes, try unchecking “Berührungsereignisse verwenden” unter Mobil-Optionen.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It worked! Aarrrghhh :slight_smile:

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Haha, glad that did the trick. I didn’t know this was a problem with AdWords before, so if we do an Export Script my goal is to have a workaround for it. This might take a Hype update though, as this document option isn’t exposed to the Export Script mechanism.

We’ve posted an AdWords Export Script on the site.