Easy editing of content on a published web site made in hype

Hi, I’ve been using hype since 2013 for creating website. But I wonder if there is an easier way to edit the content that is published on the site while it is there? Up till now I’ve been editing in hype, exported and replaced the contentfolder on the webserver.


If you are talking about text then possible using external files for that content that is read into the page.

But in reality it is in most cases easier to edit via Hype
Can you be more specific as to what type of content you are referring to.

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The content I am thinking about is text and photos.

Hype is designed as one way going from a .hype document to the exported HTML content, and cannot recognize changes of exported content back into the originating document (not to mention its export is not intended/easy to modify). As @MarkHunte pointed out you could reference external files, but it doesn’t sound like this would actually be beneficial in your case.

An alternate to help with the streamlining would be to setup automation that on export will automatically upload your modified files. I haven’t done this myself, but I’d imagine clever use of AppleScript or even just using “FTP Disks” from FTP software might make the process a little easier.