Duplicating scenes & making symbols 'seperate'

Hey! Is there a way to duplicate scenes while making the symbols on them separate, so editing them doesn’t affect other scenes?

Thank you very much,

— Jonothan.

You would need to ‘duplicate’ your symbol before you duplicate your scene if you wanted those symbols to be separate. This creates a new ‘symbol instance’. To do that, you would select your symbol, and click ‘duplicate’ symbol in the resource library:

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Would this make sure that when I duplicate the scene, it automatically chooses the new symbols?

Thing is, I have 4 layouts and if I had to replace each symbol, it would be a bit of a pain for every single scene…

(Thank you!)

Sounds like an organizational problem: Symbols are meant to be linked when you duplicate them. So if you have content shared across multiple places, use Symbols – but if your content is not shared, then don’t use symbols.

No – the ‘duplicate symbol’ actually makes a copy of the symbol, but it is a new symbol, not linked to the old symbol. If you were to change the content of the duplicated symbol, it would not affect the old symbol.

I see. I was hoping to use some symbols across layouts, rather than scenes.

I do have some I’ve used that appear on all scenes, which of course are what symbols should be used for, I just wanted separate ones for scenes and thought there may be a way to do that.

No worries! Thank you!

One common thing we see is a single symbol used on a large layout, and then the scaled down copy of that symbol in a phone layout. (Scaled by using the ‘scale’ settings in the Metrics inspector). So you can definitely do this right now – maybe I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do?