Dropdown mouse over

I cant get my dropdown box to work properly, I’ve tried many things and the closest i’ve come is putting the menu inside a group and using that as a mouse over/out to open and close. I’ve tried to change group size so that it doesn’t overlap other buttons, but all that does is move the dropdown menu and make cover the rest of the navigation bar buttons.

First.hype.zip (16.4 KB)

Solution: found here.

  1. Convert button/text to symbol
  2. Create dropdown in symbol view (double click symbol)
  3. place dropdown into group
  4. menu group mouse over = animation, and mouse out = reverse.

If you plan on interacting with things behind the dropdown when it’s closed, make the group overflow hidden, and in the animation make the group boundaries smaller and bigger.

First.hype.zip (14.6 KB)

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