Download indicator is too low

Hi, I added very high pages to my site with a lot of photos. I have minimized the weight but it’s still slow to open and the download indicator is too low, so, not visible. How can I make it up? Thank you

There are a lot of possible reasons, best thing to do is to search in this forum by individual subject, there are many threads on the general subject.

Here’s a great place to start: Decreasing load times and optimizing performance: Preparing a Large project in Hype

If you can share a link we can check it out.

I will look, but it’s not easy because my English is very bad and google translation makes me say nonsens ! :wink: It’s a shame, I love this forum ! (and Hype of course !) Thank you! Have a nice week end !

Merci !

Because of the need for translation, I am thinking that researching one subject at a time would be easier.

That’s what I do, but I feel a bit misunderstood when I ask a question…

Beautiful illustration. I am willing to help but I would also need an example file to see what the problem is.

Thank you, I’ll post it tomorrow. the file is at my workshop. Good end of weekend

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Thanks for your help, I have reduced the weight of the files and it’s ok now. Sorry, I should have told you here. I forgot and the time is up, excuse me …