Doubleclick filename requirements

We’ve been informed by our ad network hat the output we were sending from Hype causes errors when importing into DCM. Specifically, things like spaces and parentheses get rejected because these characters are converted to URL encoding in the filename path. So %20 (space) isn’t valid, for example. They also don’t seem to like really long names. The folks on their end said they changed the folder to just “Assets” and manually edited the file paths so point there instead.

Is there an option to specify the output folder name in Hype, or maybe even have subfolders for different type of assets? Maybe some presets for different ad networks that automatically convert filenames to make them websafe?

The name you choose when exporting is what Hype is going to use, but I can definitely make a note that you should consider the name of your document when exporting. We may have some way to more carefully check this export name in future releases.

One note about the ‘Export’ dialogue: Due to sandboxing restrictions, the save panel is controlled by the operating system, and we are are required (as far as I know, @jonathan can speak more on this) to use both the location and filename used when a user inputs something in that field.

I didn’t necessarily mean the master enclosing folder, it makes sense that it uses the name of the project file and you can change it on export. But the contents in that seems to be based on the name of the scene.

Can you give a little background on where the term “slice” comes from? It’s not used anywhere else in the program except on export so it’s hard to grasp how that’s related to what you create within Hype. To have that suddenly pop up on the Export panel is a little confusing.

If I don’t specify an individual Scene the output is called default.html with an accompanying folder called default.hyperesources. That’s the part I’d like to specify or have a preset made for. So I could call the folder just “resources” or “assets” or “bobLovesSock” for all it matters. And have some kind of preview in the export UI that indicate what part of the Hype project translates into what part of the file and folder names.

There hasn’t been much confusion with how this feature works, but yeah we don’t really use the concept elsewhere. This is a term used in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop to define a discrete exportable item – a variety of exports from a single source.

You can change that by double clicking on the name:

Thought that would make namechoseninAdvancedExport.hyperesources. There’s an upcoming feature that gives you a bit more control over that name.

So the name of the export slice preset (Default) or Scene is what determines the filename. I figured that out from testing different scenarios. But here’s where I’m stuck. I can either select individual layouts and they export to their own files, OR I can export individual scenes to their own files. But only one or the other.

In other words, if I have 2 scenes, with 3 layouts each, I would want to be able get 6 different exports.

And wouldn’t you know, in making screenshot examples for this post it suddenly started working as I would expect. Before it was only showing me three layouts in the export menu.

After some testing, I’m willing to bet it was because I had the same layout names in both scenes! That means they weren’t unique, and Hype doesn’t have an option to prepend the scene name. The last example is how I typically would organize them. That would be a handy check box to have.

So now the only problem to this workflow is that the head HTML is the same for every layout. This means I have to go into every file manually and update the metadata to fulfill the Doubleclick requirements.

<meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">