Double Click Dynamic Creatives

Hey Guys, This is going to be a complicated one, I Would be really glad to get help not only from the community but from Hype devs, if they can, this is a bit of an issue. Also, If you guys want to point me to other forums that might also help me, I’d be very glad!

About a year ago I introduced hype to my company and ever since then it’s our primary animation tool. I am extremely happy with the software and most of the animated banners that we work on come from Hype. With that said, Recently some areas of the company are pushing me into working more with Double Click’s Dynamic ads. Here’s some reading material if you guys are interested:

We’ve managed to make a group of Dynamic ads to work, but they are simple frame-by-frame animations that I made on Google Web Designer ( that has specific tools for creating dynamic ads). I hate Google Web Designer with a passion and I cannot make anything cool with that thing… The ideal thing here would be for me to animate everything on hype and then have specific objects be dynamic. I’m aware that I would have to be careful with the size of the objects and the images cause different images with different dimensions could appear stretched… But with all that said, how would I go about making the dynamic ads using hype?

I’m studying this from many different sources, so if I get any updates on this, I’ll post them here for future reference. :slight_smile:

I just saw the new Hype Export Scripts and I wonder if they could be of any help with something like this, in creating Dynamic ads for Doubleclick :smiley:

Absolutely, check out some of the posts in #advertising and search around – many people use Hype to create for Double Click. The script for double click will definitely help! (At the bottom of )

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While it does help me a lot with 90% of the banners that I already work with on a daily basis, It doesn’t do much on the Dynamic part, which is the big problem for me.

I’m still searching around though and I’ll keep this post updated with new info.

If I do figure this out, I have a friend that might help me with developing a export-script with dynamic ads in mind.

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Hey Cadu! :slight_smile:
Did you ever manage to get this to work?
Of course, I also strongly dislike using GWD, so I’ve just started searching the forums for a solution.
With yours being the very first search result, I thought asking you directly here would be a shortcut.
Thanks, bro!

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Hype can be used to make Double Click ads. There’s export scripts that add this functionality:

I also recently wrote a general article on ad creation here:

Of course the ad world/ad systems are always changing, so I recommend some tests first and if you encounter any issues please let us know!


Hey Jonathan!

I was talking to Augusto about this. The real “issue” here is more on the Dynamic ads, the export scripts are awesome stuff. But his question was around making banners that use Double Click’s Dynamic ads ( which I’ve seen covered before on other threads here.)

I did get it to work on a hype file (partly), but it’s not working anymore ( probably because the dynamic feed I used is gone, so I’m working on a new one).

It’s really a “double click” situation and less of a “Hype” situation, but the forum here is really active and helpful.

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Okay thanks and good to know you’re in communication; I just posted as I wasn’t sure if you’d seen it :).

If there’s ways Hype/the export script can help or change for this, let me know.

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I have an edited version of your export script that I use here ( a couple of changes that I use on my workflow, nothing drastic), and while this doesn’t relate directly to Dynamic ads, it relates to double click in general.

I’ve been trying to get the Export script to remove the style attribute from the main div ( My banners can’t be on the center of the page)

Haven’t really managed to do that yet.

A small fix might be to set the scene’s flexible layout scale width/height checkboxes; this won’t center elements anymore and if you don’t set flexible layout options everything will be in the top/left position. The side issue is that there also won’t be hidden overflow, so you may need to add that yourself either in a group or part of a style tag.

If that’s not an option, it would be possible for you to modify the .html file text contents in the export script using string matching/replacement. While the .html file output is subject to change in future versions, the best bet would be too look for the string margin:auto;position:relative; and just remove it. You could add a line that does this in the perform_html_additions() method, right before the import re line:

	index_contents = index_contents.replace("margin:auto;position:relative;", "")

I’d be curious why you need this though? Most of the time ads are in containers/iframes that are the size of the ad so they fit perfectly and centering is moot. It could be that this could be added as a general option or integrated as part of this script if there’s a general reason!

I’ll try all of those things. Thanks!

I share your curiosity. The company that uploads the ads asks me to do this. I’ve uploaded them myself before and I know for a fact that it works centered. But they really sound like they just don’t like me all that much cause according to them it doesn’t work “and I should know that already” even though Google’s own testing platform says it works.

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