Dotted motion path? What is the difference?

Hi all...
I am trying to understand the "path" for two different controls (elements set up to be sliders)... they have a different appearance, and I don't know why... the first has this dashed line for the motion path:

The other has a solid line...

Can someone please explain the difference to me? Pulling out what little hair I have left :slight_smile:

I think I can answer my own question... after a bit of experimentation, it seems that the dotted line is an artifact of the scale/size of the element... but not entirely sure. When I shrunk the size of the ellipse, the line became "solid" looking.

anyway, it has been approved that attaching a hypefile showcasing an issue will say more than a thousand words :slight_smile: it'll help others to understand quickly.

just zip it and drag it to the post.

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Thank you for the suggestion... yeah, it’s actually between two different hype files... One is an example from the forums, and the other is my own, attempting to duplicate. Mine is not working, so I’m looking for any/all differences... and I can find none, except the visual appearance of the motion path, so I thought that might be a clue if there was some sort of meaning to the dotted line...

I may give up... and include both hype files, and see if one of you kind folks can see why one works and the other does not.

It’s sad because it’s my first is script... literally one line long.... and it doesn’t work. So sad :smile:

OK... I now understand the difference. ALL paths are dotted... it is just that sometimes the dots are so close that they look solid.

The dots represent all of the individual frames in the motion... and the dot spacing can vary, clearly seen with ease-in and ease-out conditions.

All lines are just a series of dots representing the individual frames in the animation.

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That is correct!

Do note that if you select the motion path line, it will become solid and allow you to manipulate it as a curved bezier path.

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