Does CSS work with OAMs

I created a file with CSS that works when I proof it on my computer but not when I upload the OAM to a Wordpress site. It does work if I add the CSS to the Wordpress page on its own, however. Do I have to do this? I'd like clients to subscribe to a Hype graphic that is hosted on my own site because it would automatically update when I uploaded a replacement file.

You can add a rectangle off scene, select Edit > Edit Inner HTML, and insert your styles within:


Or, you'll need to load the .html file directly, so if it is shortcode '9' it would be:

Adding a rectangle sounds great, so I'll try that. BTW what did you mean by 'shortcode 9'?

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When you use the Hype plugin, shortcodes are referenced by a number: [hypeanimations_anim id="9"], so that would be in the /hypeanimations/9/ folder.