Display problems in the scene list

Hello to everyone,
while working on my work I noticed that some of the scenes in the list have become white, without showing a preview of the scene. The app works well anyway. Maybe it’s a bug?


I sometimes have this too… my guess these are instances of WebKit rendering the scenes and then ImageMagick takes a snapshot thumbnail of them. I presume that in that process some timeout is firing to early to take the thumbnail. I am not quite sure about the exact details but it isn’t a major problem… and only half a bug. Mostly an inconvenience when selecting scenes and looking at the GUI.

Yeah, it is not a very problem!

We have a fix (though not beta tested yet!) for this in the next major version of Hype.

I also believe the underlying cause may be fixed in macOS 10.14 Mojave; what OS are you currently on?

On board I have an OSX 10.13.4

Thanks - there’s a good chance it won’t happen should you decide to upgrade to 10.14.
Generally videos on a scene or 3D transformations are what trigger the scene thumbnail failures.

Ok, thank you!