Detect window resize

Hey there,
I've got my document set up to display a certain scene based on the browser size, it's working well:
if (window.innerWidth <= 899) {
else {

However, I'd like to also detect if the window has been resized to also change to the proper scene layout based on the browser size. How can I detect if the window size has been changed?

window.onresize = function(event) {
    // the window's size has changed, so do something here

You could copy the same code within the above function to add another 'listener' to that event.

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Daniels' suggestion is the most reasonable and on point. Just as a sidenote on this thread:
Most actually want container queries. There are some great thoughts on this topic found here: (not a suggestion just a read up as it is only a draft in the CSS working group).

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Thanks for the quick reply. I put this in the same javascript that the scene runs on load. Doesn't seem to be detecting resize. Should put this javascript somewhere else (in the head)