Debugging Javascript

I created a custom function but there is a bug that i want to debug.
The fact that the javascript on preview is minified makes life pretty hard.
Is there a way I can view a preview with out having minified javascript so that I can use the browser debug tools better?

Sorry, the script is currently encapsulated (to prevent script errors from interfering with the Hype animation - this is all too common) and there’s no way to get better debug information. We definitely acknowledge this as a painful shortcoming, and would like to have a solution in the future.

this can help a bit…

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Nice idea but I doubt that will help since Hype is not open source so they will have no idea at guessing what the vars are named

Better than nothing! :blush:

It’s always good to offer an idea. Hence “Nice idea” so I am not sure I understand your point. :neutral_face:

Maybe it would have been better to put “slightly better than nothing” :wink: