Custom Scene Changer?

Hello Community,

I was tempted by the offer. They also don’t use the classic box-model and create some custom JS and allow for nice sitedesigns … but in my opinion they are to expensive and not as versitile as Hype. As I maintain my projects I don’t need online editing and collaboration and so I am sticking to good old Hype!

My Question:
I like the scroll across scenes from readymag and would like to reproduce this with hype (see done with readymag). Every section (no.1 transitioning to no. 2) in the example is a scene in readymag that can be individually edited much like hype. Is there a way to hack hype in having a similar scene transition together? My guess: It would require that the scene transition is not an immediate action but is hooked to the scroll (wheel). Any undocumented functions that one can use to initialize a needed scene and display it could help in hacking this together (scene management under the hood).

@tumult This would be an awesome addition if it isn’t possible with a hack.



Sidenote on SEO:
Both hype and readymag are JS based and have issues with proper SEO. Dumping the strings into the HTML is okay but not ideal. I once suggested a feature to extract the content from a hidden DOM node instead putting it in the JS. At least this could be an export option. I hacked that with JS … see forum.

PS: The simplest way to start this in Hype would be a way to render all scene heights into a documents as placeholders for the scene contents and when a scene comes into view have the Hype engine render it into the container. That wouldn’t be as fancy as sliding them above each other (like in the example) but at least it would be a start!

if you make each secne a symbol, place those symbols in a single scene, play a bit js waypoints position fixed and release again … it’ll be a good start … :slight_smile:

Thank you that’s a good Idea.

This would be a fine start indeed (for a hack at least). I’ll give it a go the moment I got some hack-space at work.

It still doesn’t address the performance. One would have to create some sort of performance optimisation (oder of loading, animation, CPU) and I don’t know if display on and off is enough. I am wondering if there are some low level functions to run/pause/load/unload a scene or symbol (given the above suggestion)?