CSS External file to control multiple hype builds

Hi Appreciate this is childs play and no doubt im doing something ridiculously wrong but here we go

we have multiple builds of a template on a server, we want to link them all to a single style sheet to prevent having to update the colour scheme individually in the future should be easy right?

so I created a basic CSS file to test this theory eg...

.square1 {
background-color: #1600A4;
.square2 {
background-color: #FF0004;

I created two square elements within hype and set the class name to square1 & square2
I then added the following line into the head of the hype document

< link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" >

im not testing on the server at this point so I simply added my style.css within the directory of the export in both the index directory and also in the resources folder to rule that out as an issue.

seems basic enough but wont work im ready to be schooled please help lol

Because elements in Hype have an 'inline' css background color setup already, to override that color you're going to need to increase the priority of your CSS property. This would work:

background-color: #1600A4 !important;

Thanks for the reply but after hours of banging my head against the wall I discovered the little tick box in Advances options "protect from external styles"