CSS does not work

Could any see why the following CSS does not work, it look correct in Hype but not when exported or previewed.

Any help is appreciated.

Looks the same for me in Hype and when exported. Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing and explain what you’re expecting?

Please see screenshot: the animated pulse is not there just blue:

On what browser / operating system?
Does it work outside of Hype? You may want to try checking ‘Protect from external styles’ in the document inspector.

That was in Firefox, I tried Safari (both on the Mac), I then tried my desktop

Also tried both ‘Protect from external styles’

one hides the blue circle one does not.

Do you see the pulse animation in your browser?

I hadn’t tested in Firefox. It appears that the CSS you’re using is not supported in Firefox:


Many thanks Daniel, I don’t why I missed that!