Creating Playable Ad's

I am a designer/animator, and I have been tasked with finding a solution for our company to create playable ads. I have been using Hype for a long time, but it seems that the file restrictions from our ad partners may not be compatible with what Hype is able to output. What I want to do is create a sample of one of our games, and export to AdMob, FB, or Cross Install. It looks like they all have similar requirements (<2MB, Inline HTML, etc).

Is this possible in Hype? If not, does anyone have a recommendation on where to start? I have tried the Google Web Designer, but no thanks. It doesn’t compare to the flexibility of Hype.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on the game. I’ve been working on Circles with Grandma and that’s about half a Megabyte.

If you drop IE 6-9 support (which you should) and use the Advanced Export, there are significant file savings. Additionally, images can be compressed for huge savings…

Circles with Grandma was designed to be lightweight. A lot of the graphical elements are just HTML elements. If it’s a graphic, it’s SVG. If it’s animation, it’s done in Hype – no movies or animated GIFs (SOFT G Sound… like JIF…

SVG works well because it scales. It’s like the days of Flash, which supported vector artwork, and lots of Flash games can be under 2mb.

Also, if it’s a video game, bitmap artwork is possible. Just create it like pixel artwork, then scale it with “pixelated” artwork… …so the artwork looks like a video game and not a blurry mess.

So, file size doesn’t have to be a Hype killer. Hype is similar to the golden days of Flash games, especially with vector graphics – and if you avoid JavaScript libraries.

I’m not entirely sure of the requirements for ad networks, but Hype Pro does have an “Inline” export option…