Creating a tooltip style animation to use on text

Due to the recent requests about tooltips I thought I’d share a preview on a document that creates a tooltip type display / animation when a user mouseovers a particular piece of text. The tooltip automatically resizes and alters it’s text according to the text of the element that calls it.

A couple of things to iron out but if you want the document. Give this a like and if I get enough I’ll post it :wink:

Note: Best viewed in Chrome browsers at the moment.



well done @DBear this is another missing feature in the web development.
It works even if the text is scrollable / responsive?

I made a similar thing time ago with external code but not in hype :slight_smile:

Yes. It does and I’ve updated the preview to show that. :wink:

I made this a while ago too :wink: just never shared it.

super! i´d like to have the document, please :clap:

Hi @DBear, I just found this feed regarding how to create a Tooltip in Hype. Could you please attach the document? Thanks.

I only got 4 likes :frowning: I guess that’s why I didn’t share it :smiley: (67.0 KB)


Thanks DBear! Btw You have 5 likes now! :slight_smile: