Could you kindly teach me the way to use video area?


I am facing the problem that the video doesn’t flow automatically.

Here I have one question I haven’t asked so far. It is about one area in Hype pro where I want to study
its detail but I am not sure of it. I described the explanation inside the attachment below.
Could you kindly check it and give me comments.


Hi @yousuketanaka

The individual types of video are for specific browsers. Depending on the browser that your document is viewed in will depend on which video type is served. If you view in Safari for example you will see the MP4 version, Firefox the MP4 or OGV version, Chrome the WebM version. These days the MP4 version is normally enough but these options are fallbacks.

The checkboxes are visual options for the parameters that you can turn off or on.

Here is the link to the documentation for more info.

Dear Mr. DBear.


Thank you very much for your response.
I understand what you said. So does what you said mean that I can watch the video in each browser automatically by putting each video type in this area? Or do I need other work like coding or setting something in addition to your advice?

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For videos to play automatically you need to make sure autoplay is checked.

When you view your document in the different browsers, yes, the videos should be served in the format that is needed, automatically. No need to add any additional code (unless you need to manipulate the video or need a customised version).